2011. Onwards.

What a year.

A terrible year for business. A Great year for art.

I was on and off with photography. I’ve decided to stick with it.

I began typing like this.

I realized I lack the social skills to formulate complete sentences.

What a year.

Moving on.

The new site is up.

It’s tweaked out version of the old one.

Check out every page.

Let me know what you think.

My todo list for 2012. No particular order.

1. Start a video series staring me. (Inspired by Kid Cudi and Kanye West)

2. Stop being a shy/nice guy. (Trying to be humble while doing that)

3. Photograph Tanaya Henry. (My tumblr crush)

4. Find a photo studio.

5. Find a girl bff. (Every guy needs this at one point in their lives)

6. Get Braces. ( -_- )

7. Build a larger network.

8. Buy an iMac.

9. Get my own place. (*Sigh)

10.Find happiness. (The most important thing)

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