Where have I been.
From Maroon 5 to Tim McGraw to Harry Winston, This has been the most productive year in my life.
I’ve even check off a lot off my 2012 to-do list…a year later

1. Start a video series staring me. (Inspired by Kid Cudi and Kanye West)
2. Stop being a shy guy. (Trying to be humble while doing that)
3. Photograph Tanaya Henry. (My tumblr crush)

4. Find a photo studio.
5. Find a girl bff. (Every guy needs this at one point in their lives)
6. Get Bracers. ( -_- )
7. Build a larger network.
8. Buy an iMac.
9. Get my own place. (*Sigh)
10.Find happiness. (The most important thing

Hopefully everything is checked off by the end of the year.
’til we meet again.


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