Dream Big – Superbowl LIII


At Definition 6, I had the opportunity to work on a visually stunning Super Bowl commercial. I led the team in crafting a compelling story utilizing a combination of live-action footage and virtual sets, which were created in 3D and seamlessly composited to match the shot footage. The majority of the footage was shot on green screen, allowing for a high level of creative flexibility and a polished final product.


Role: 3d Design • Animation • Compositing

Client: CBS Sports • Agency: Definition6



I had the opportunity to be on set as the visual supervisor, which was a fun yet challenging experience. challenging mainly because being on set while having such a fast pace production occurring, you would have to make sure that there would be a limit on the “Fix it in post” mentality. I created the 3d sets in Cinema 4d and rendered using a mixture of Corona and Octane Render. Matchmoving/Compositing was done in after effects and cinema 4d.

Behind the Scenes